That title should read Flight to Arnhem Land.... This is the route that I flew. 7,600km, 4,700miles, 56hrs flying time, 11 days. This was a long, rough ride..... 25-30kt turbulent winds all across the north . A couple of times ground speed was down to 50kts with an airspeed of 80kts. GS down to 48kts trying to get around Tindal Airforce base. Like riding a bronco much of the way..... SE wind is common this time of year, but this was extreme...... Also lots of smoke haze from bush fires, that took the edge of the scenery so not good photography. If I was to do it again I would go in April, right after the 'wet' season. But I'm not going there again because the scenery is pretty blah for the most part, and mostly 'tiger country', with continuous scrubby forest with no clearings, so nowhere to land if engine problems..... Aircraft went well, Savannah is a great aircraft and Rotax a great engine..... Here is an interactive map of the stops. You can zo